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We are a team of vibrant and experienced professionals who are all about the glittering life.

Image by Polina Rytova

Our scope and expertise go beyond the riches beneath the soil – such as coal, oil, and precious metals like gold, silver and diamond – to those that grow above it. We are great at getting things done. Our expertise both in local and international trade gives us an edge over our competitors.

We are also active players in the food industry, committed to setting a high standard in consumer products. You can take our assurance to the bank; as any product from us has our seal of quality and approval. Responsibility is engraved into the core values that we uphold, building on the very proud, long-lasting relationship we have with each and every one of our customers.

Our mark in the agricultural sector is undeniable, taking on a value chain that is enmeshed in dishonesty and transforming it into a truly viable partnership. We trade in grains, cereals and spices, such as different varieties of rice, almonds, sesame seeds, cashew nuts, sella, coffee bean, black pepper and so much more. As we strive to lead the way in commodity trading by maintaining high standards, uncompromised quality premium products and exceptional service, all we ever desire is your satisfaction.


We only deal in the most highly placed form of mining; artisanal and small scale mining. This service caters to the needs of the people in more than just one way. Apart from producing valuable pieces of ornaments and gems, we are also into agro trading and passionate about building local communities by providing employment in our areas of operations.

Our services include:

  • Mining and production of precious stones and metals.

  • Minerals trading in gemstones and precious metals.

  • Serving as a bridge between those interested in minerals and the location of those minerals.

  • Trading in food commodities like sugars, pulses, nuts, rice, tubers, spices, dry fruits and many more.



  • We're always on time, everytime. Our products and services are available 24/7, just a dial away.

  • We work with an international network of suppliers with a legacy built on trust, efficiency and professionalism.

  • We engage in premium and sustainable sourcing to ensure you get only superior products derived from the right origins. 

  • Competitive prices with uncompromised product quality.

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